Waterfalls Uplift

Waterfalls are spectacular, simultaneously beautiful, uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy into our minds.

There is no wondering about what the waterfalls were like
yesterday, no way to know what they'll look like tomorrow.

There will always be a shade of difference, a nuance noticed
or not, but to see them right now, in this moment in their powerful splendor---that is the way to celebrate the present.

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Waterfalls and the Immediacy of Now

Get in the present and create the life that you want. Think of it like this…an hour from now is only a fantasy. And an hour ago is only a memory. The present is what you have to create now. Do it!

IMPORTANT: When you do this "getting present" exercise, you don't have to do this sitting still. Do it at ANY time! If you think about it while taking a walk or even doing the dishes — DO IT! The more practice you get at being present, the better!

BREATHE…CONTACT…CONNECT with the present moment! Anxiety is usually about tomorrow. But things like boredom, impatience, and annoyance can cause anxiety because you're preventing a full experience.

Always acknowledge these feelings and then STOP them...and move on! I know it sounds basic, but it really is that simple! The only thing you can control is your own thoughts and reactions, so get to it!

To reacquire the full feeling of PRESENCE is an experience of tremendous impact. And you will definitely know it when you get there. Don't fear it…just BE with it. The present is your present!


Blogger Craig said...

Hi Dave.

Thanks for dropping by the other day. I appreciate the advice.

I see you have a blue theme going which is good. Maybe some pictures of waterfalls and some fresh content can complement what seems to be a good place for a google ad right now ... no disrespect - I know everyone has to eat.

I'm curious. How much revenue you generate off these blogs a month alone.

Just curious :-)

You can drop me a mail if you don't want to share the figure on your blog.




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