Waterfalls Uplift

Waterfalls are spectacular, simultaneously beautiful,
uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy
into our minds.

There is no wondering about
what the waterfalls were like

yesterday, no way to know what
they'll look like tomorrow.

There will always be a shade of
difference, a nuance noticed

or not, but to see them right now,
in this moment in their

powerful splendor---that is the
way to celebrate the present.

Happiness Comes Moment-By-Moment

Happiness is a moment-by-moment choice that each of us make. We must first choose to be happy and then make a commitment to that choice without changing anything in your life except your relationship with your own thinking.

Do not confuse a commitment to happiness with a way to make life better in some way. This may seem strange at first but I am sure you can recall changes in your circumstances that have not lead to an improved level of happiness. Earning additional money, solving a problem, acquiring qualifications does not produce happiness.

Happiness exists independently of your circumstances. Happiness is a feeling you can learn to live in.

Everything in your life is a consequence of the way you relate to your thinking. Commitment is an obligation and makes change much easier by removing uncertainty and anxiety and provides the freedom to let go of concerns as it fosters hope. Without commitment success in any venture is difficult.

If you are dieting, stopping smoking, studying, starting a project or deciding to be happy, commitment is an important step. There is a great deal in life that is beyond your control.

External circumstances touch us all, illness, accidents, other people's reactions and their choices, all impact upon us. Despite all this you can make a choice regardless of what happens to be happy unconditionally.


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