Waterfalls Uplift

Waterfalls are spectacular, simultaneously beautiful,
uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy
into our minds.

There is no wondering about
what the waterfalls were like

yesterday, no way to know what
they'll look like tomorrow.

There will always be a shade of
difference, a nuance noticed

or not, but to see them right now,
in this moment in their

powerful splendor---that is the
way to celebrate the present.

Quotes for Today

"In reality there is only the present, because the past no longer exists and the future does not exist yet.

Of the past and the future only the images exist, and these only in the present in our minds.

The future, like the past, is but an 'extension' of our minds." - Jean-Claude Schmitt in Medieval Futures (UK, 2000).

Children have neither past nor future; they enjoy the present, which very few of us do. ~Jean de la Bruyere

Would you like your future to include
more friends, more dates, maybe someone
special in your life?

Consider that more self-esteem is often
the fast track to making new friends and
having a more active, happier life.

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about self-esteem and how it relates
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