Waterfalls Uplift

Waterfalls are spectacular, simultaneously beautiful,
uplifting, overwhelming and bringing such immediacy
into our minds.

There is no wondering about
what the waterfalls were like

yesterday, no way to know what
they'll look like tomorrow.

There will always be a shade of
difference, a nuance noticed

or not, but to see them right now,
in this moment in their

powerful splendor---that is the
way to celebrate the present.

Here are some ways to bring

back the happiness in your life:

1. Stop trying to be perfect. Don't expect perfection from yourself or from anybody. You don't need to impress people around you and you don't have to get everything done perfectly.

"Nobody in this world is perfect. Iam Nobody"

2. Be happy and satisfied with what you have. Stop comparing with others at every stage, this will in fact add to your misery. Be happy and content with your life. Remove the feelings of jealousy and enmity.

3. Schedule some time for yourself. Give yourself one hour each day when you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. Do some exercise, work on a hobby, go for a walk, or read a book. Pamper youself with some massage or beauty therapies. Meditate . This will renew your energy and concentration.

4. If you are too stressed at work, take a break and refresh your energy. Go for a holiday with your family and friends. Explore new places. may take short or long breaks, depending on your work and stress levels. When you get back to work after a break, your concentration and focus improve a great deal and you are more motivated.

5. Don't be alone all the time. Go out with your friends and talk to them on the phone regularly. Watch a movie, go shopping or do things that you always loved, but did not get the time because of your busy schedule.

6. If you are a working parent, take a break from work and spend time with your kids. Or play with your pets. Visit your relatives and throw a party for them. Dance and sing with them.

7. Be grateful to people around you. Be thankful for even small favours and blessings.

8. Help Others. It has been observed that helping others gives you immense satisfaction and happiness. Make someone's life more beautiful by contributing in your own small way.

9. Reassess your priorties. Spend time with your family . Stay in the present. Do not waste time regretting your past or worrying about the future.

10. Laugh out loud atleast once in a day and keep smiling. Focus on things that keep you happy instead of those that keep you down. Forget your worries and pains, everybody in this world, has some problems. But it all depends on the way you deal with it.


Blogger Rapsodia Antillana said...

Thanks Dave,
Thank you for reviewing my blog The Silver People Chronicle ( I will keep the shorter post suggestion in mind. I don't know if I can get more focussed, as you say, as my blog is about a particular people, place and time in history. Thanks for the suggestions. This blog Waterfalls Uplift is pretty uplifting and shares some of my own values.


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